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Pay attention to the storage of silicone masterbatches, do you understand its storage conditions?

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INFORMATION SOURCES:Chinese website | Release time:2023-06-17

  Pay attention to the storage of silicone masterbatches, do you understand its storage conditions?
  Many plastic manufacturers have to stockpile large quantities of silicone masterbatches because they want to produce large quantities of plastic products. If it is not used in time, there will be problems. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the storage of silicone masterbatches. Good storage methods can save a lot of money and prevent waste. The following is the storage method according to the characteristics of silicone masterbatch.
  Silicone masterbatch is a kind of industrial supplies that can be directly combined with various materials, recycled materials, particles, injection molding, plastic, blow molding, extrusion molding, does not affect bright, the product is characterized by a fine and pure texture, outstanding processing function, large increase, non-toxic, does not absorb moisture, does not change color, enhance the mechanical function of plastic products, wear resistance, thermal function, aging resistance. To overcome the defects of low strength, low temperature, low stiffness and easy expansion, introduce special functional groups, improve the interface combination of polyolefin plastics and non-polar objects, improve the adhesion and compatibility with other objects, the product itself has excellent water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and light resistance, and does not have harmful chemical reactions with other plastic additives. It does not contain impurities harmful to resin processing.
  Understanding the characteristics and characteristics of the above silicone masterbatch can see how important the storage of the product is.
  Storage conditions: Store in a clean, ventilated, boring, cool, clean room temperature. Do not allow masterbatch packaging to damage and open storage to protect against sunlight and rain. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from areas with enough ultraviolet light. After opening and using, the product shall not be exposed to the environment above 35 ° C for a long time. Prevent contact with acid metal oxides, ammonia or flammable substances. This product has hygroscopicity, unused materials should be bagged waterproof coil silicone master material, shall not be stored in the air for a long time.