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Explain the correct use of silicone powder

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INFORMATION SOURCES:Chinese website | Release time:2023-06-17

  Explain the correct use of silicone powder
  Use silica powder correctly
  The small particle size of silicon powder has a heterogeneous nucleation effect on the resin carrier, which can form many fine spherulites, so as to improve the crystal state of the material, improve the crystallinity, and further improve the tensile strength (hardness) of the composite material. Because the masterbatch method disperses uniformly and reduces the agglomeration of silicon powder particles, the properties of composites prepared by masterbatch method are better. Master batch process
  After reaching the maximum value, the amount of silica powder continues to increase. With the increasing content of silica powder in the melt, the tensile strength and elongation at break (toughness) of the composite will decrease. Different degrees of aggregation, resulting in a weaker interface, too much tension can not transfer the pressure, the further increase of silicon powder, increase the movement of the molecular chains of the binding matrix, which increases the introduction of microscopic defects in the material, resulting in a decrease in the tensile strength of the material.
  In order to further improve the properties of the composites, some compatibilizers are added to the composites. The compatibilizers have solubilizing effect on the matrix and silica powder. Compatibilizers make the dispersion of silica powder in the matrix more uniform, reduce the agglomeration of the filler, improve the interface between silica powder and the matrix, thus further improving the tensile strength, but too much will also lead to a sharp decline due to the increase in the content of monomer and small molecule content in the matrix is not conducive to improving the compatibility matrix of silica powder, resulting in a decrease in the mechanical properties of the composite.
  Due to the small particle size of silicon powder and uneven nucleation, the cooling rate of the substrate can be reduced, the heat resistance and degradation temperature of the material can be improved to a certain extent, and the thermal stability of the substrate can be improved, but it cannot be changed. Degradation mechanism of matrix itself
  In terms of fluidity: silicone can accelerate the fracture of matrix particles and cross-link with matrix molecular chains. Due to the flexibility of the siloxane molecular bond, the friction between the molecular chains is reduced, which plays a lubricating role, but with the increase of the equilibrium torque of the composite system, the fluidity of the system becomes worse. Due to the increase of silica powder content, the agglomeration phenomenon of silica powder in the collective is serious, the dispersion is uneven, the dispersion size is larger, and the frictional lubrication effect is not obvious. At the same time, the movement of molecular chains is also limited, which worsens the processing process of composite materials.