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  • Silicone masterbatch BZPP301
  • Silicone masterbatch BZPP301

Silicone masterbatch BZPP301


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/ Product introduction

Product Profile:
  BZPP301 Silicone masterbatch for automobile is specially designed for automobile interior materials.It is a scratch-resistant additive mainly composed of ultra-high molecular weight modified silicone and matrix resin. It can effectively improve scratch resistance of automotive interior parts, improve melt fluidity and demoulding performance in processing, reduce torque, reduce equipment wear, easy to fill the mold, reduce product defect rate, so that the product has good stability, non-mobility, low odor and low VOC.
Application note:
  BZPP301 is a granular form suitable for direct extrusion, injection molding and blowing membrane after stirring with plastic particles.Can improve the melt fluidity, reduce torque, reduce equipment wear, easy charging, reduce the bad rate of products.Significantly reduce the friction coefficient, improve the surface luster, and improve the scratch resistance performance, the high molecular weight polysiloxane also has good processing stability and non-mobility.
  BZPP301 can be used with all known additives and facilitate dispersion of fillings when used with fillings.
Usage method:
  This product is directly mixed with resin, and the recommended added amount is:
  ● The processability, fluidity and demoulding of the products can be improved when the addition amount is 0.5%-2.0%
  ● The surface smoothness, finish, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance of the product can be improved when the addition amount is 1.0%-3.0%.
  ● The wear can be reduced by 20%-50%, when the addition amount is 2%-5%
Storage and packaging:
  Bags, net weight 25kg, packaging and shipped in accordance with international regulations.
  BZPP301 is not hazardous goods according to national and international transport regulations.
  It is recommended to store products stored in dry and cool areas with a shelf life of one year.Seal and save after opening the package.

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