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  • Silicone masterbatch BZPE100
  • Silicone masterbatch BZPE100

Silicone masterbatch BZPE100


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/ Product introduction

Product profile:

BZPE100 Silicone masterbatch for wire/cable is specially designed for wire and cable materials by our company. It is a scratch-resistant additive mainly composed of ultra-high molecular weight modified silicone and matrix resin. It can effectively reduce the surface friction coefficient of products, improve the smoothness of products, improve the surface finish, enhance the surface silk touch, improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance, improve the flame retardant performance, reduce smoke density, improve the impact strength and surface gloss of flame retardant materials, reduce the torque, reduce equipment wear,  easy to fill the mold, reduce the rate of defective products, and make the products have good stability. Sex and non-migration, low odor and low VOC.

Application description:

The BZPE100 silicone mother particle, supplemented with modified silicone, is uniformly enriched on the material surface during processing, to improve the apparent density of the material.Combined with special group silicone oil can effectively reduce the friction coefficient of low smoke halogen-free cable material products, improve the abrasion resistance and scraping performance.

In the inorganic powder high filling system, BZPE100 can effectively promote the packing dispersion, greatly improve the material flow rate, reduce the extrusion torque, and improve the processing performance.

ere is no adverse effect on the mechanical properties of the material itself.

Recommended usage is 0.5-5%.

Storage and packaging:

Bags, lined with film bags, each net weight 25kg.

Packaging and transportation comply with international regulations.

BZPE100 is not hazardous goods according to national and international transport regulations.

It is recommended to store products stored in dry and cool areas with a shelf life of one year.Seal and save after opening the package.

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