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  • Silicone powder BZSP001
  • Silicone powder BZSP001

Silicone powder BZSP001


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/ Product introduction

Product Introduction:
  BZSP001 is a super high molecular weight polysiloxane silicone powder without organic carrier launched by Chongqing Baozhuan New Material Technology Co., LTD. BZSP001 has superior processing properties and improved product surface properties, overcoming the weaknesses of traditional methods such as silicone oil and silicone rubber as plastic additives; With high silicone content, large molecular weight, no migration precipitation, better release, extrusion in the screw does not slip and a wider range of use.
Application note:
  BZSP001 is a powder form that can be directly formed or granulated after being mixed with resin in proportion. Add PP, PA, PC, PPS and other plastics to improve product fluidity, promote crystallization, improve surface floating fiber, improve impact strength; Excellent synergistic flame retardancy. Improve flame retardant performance, reduce smoke density, improve the impact strength of flame retardant (high filling) materials; Improve the surface scratch resistance, abrasion performance, significantly reduce the friction coefficient, improve the smooth performance, improve the surface luster, improve the surface silk touch.
How to use:
  This product is directly mixed with resin processing, the recommended addition amount is:
  ● When the addition amount is 1.0%-2.0%, it can improve the processability, fluidity and release of the product; It can improve the surface properties of products (smoothness, finish, scratch resistance, wear resistance, etc.).
  ● Add 0.5-3% for wear resistance, and the wear can be reduced by 30-80%.
Storage and Packaging:
  Bag, lined with film bag, net weight 20kg per bag
  Packing and shipping in accordance with international regulations.
  According to national and international transport regulations, BZSP001 is not classified as dangerous goods.
  It is recommended to store the product in a dry and cool area with a shelf life of one year. After opening the package, keep it sealed.