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  • Lubricating dispersant BZDM035
  • Lubricating dispersant BZDM035

Lubricating dispersant BZDM035


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/ Product introduction
Product profile:
  BZDM035 is an efficient lubricating dispersant for engineered materials. It was made of special chemical synthesis technology and functional composite technology, which can promote the dispersion of filler, improve fluidity and demolding effect during polymer processing. Optimized on the basis of BZDM033, it has better lubricity. Suitable for PA, PC and polyester systems.
Application Description:
  BZDM035 can significantly improve the demolding ability of PA, which is better than other lubricants and silicone. At the same time, it also has a positive effect on the flow length ratio and floating fiber of PA.
  BZDM035 is very effective at improving the demolding ability and flow length ratio of PC, and will not have adverse affects on the physical properties of the product.
  BZDM035 is also suitable for improving the demolding ability and flow length ratio of polyester.
Usage method:
  This product is directly mixed with resin, and the recommended addition is 0.3-1.0%. The specific amount of additions depends on the properties that the final product wants to achieve.
Storage and packaging:
  Bags, 25kg, per bag packed and shipped in accordance with international regulations.
  BZDM035 is not hazardous goods according to national and international transport regulations.
  It is recommended to have the products stored in a dry and cool area with a shelf life of one year.Please seal and save after opening the package.
Typical physical property of the product:


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The melting point

ISO 6353/1





ISO 15512(105℃)





ash content

ISO 3451