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  • adsorbent BZ-OM300
  • adsorbent BZ-OM300

Adsorbent BZ-OM300


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/ Product introduction
Product profile:
  BZ-OM300 Adsorbent is obtained by raw material ratio and new processing technology with strong adsorption organic An excellent additive that can improve the processing performance of the material. BZ-OM300 for volatile organic compounds (VOC) such as Formaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons, amines, organic sulfides and organic chlorides and other harmful gases have strong adsorption effect, no Toxic no corrosion, good thermal stability, good rheology and thixotropy and good dispersion and heat transfer Conductance.
Typical product performance:


Test item

Test index

Single position



White powder






Particle size



Application method:
  BZ-OM300 is a powder form, suitable for direct extrusion and injection molding after mixing with plastic particles.
  BZ-OM300 has a large specific surface area and strong adsorption capacity, and the ions between mineral layers can react to aldehydes, ketones, amines,Organic sulfides and organochlorides produce strong chemisorption, so they do not increase in temperature during raw material processing.The secondary volatilization and so on. It is especially suitable for PP, PE, PVC, ABS, PS and other resins.
Recommended dosage:
  Depending on the specific product, the recommended dosage is 1%-2%.
Product packaging, transportation and storage:
  Aluminum bag, lined with film bag, each bag net weight 10kg.
  Packing and shipping in accordance with international regulations.
  According to national and international transport regulations, BZ-OM300 is not classified as dangerous goods.
  It is recommended to store the product in a dry and cool area, pay attention to moisture, shelf life of one year. After opening the package, keep it sealed.