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  • Rheological agent BZRM-108
  • Rheological agent BZRM-108

Rheological agent BZRM-108


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/ Product introduction
Product profile:
  The core component of BZRM-108 is modified with traditional free radical as the base material, which can promote the rubber phase dispersion of the formula system, improve the compatibility of PP and rubber phase, and effectively improve the fluidity of the polyolefin system without decreasing the impact strength.
  The cooling masterbatch and conventional peroxides are easy to lead to air marks, a large decrease in impact, a large shrinkage rate, deterioration of tiger skin stripes and odor.
  Improving the fluidity of PP formulation system is usually dependent on the addition of high melting finger PP resin, which usually greatly reduces the impact strength (such as BX3900, EP640V, 360MO, etc.), BZRM-108 can be a good balance between impact and melting finger. Especially suitable for large thin-wall injection parts, complex structure injection parts, recycled material system, high toughness system and other high fluidity requirements of the formula design.
 Product advantages:
  A small amount of addition can effectively improve the fluidity of the polyolefin system, and has little effect on the mechanical properties and shrinkage rate of the system, as detailed in the following application guide.
  Suitable for all kinds of polypropylene systems, including high elastomer content, PP system, recycled material system, high filling system, etc.
  Reduce the use of relatively expensive high-melt PP and POE.
 How to use:
  This product is directly mixed with resin processing, the recommended addition amount is 0.1-0.3%, the use effect can be seen in the application guide.
Storage and Packaging:
  Store in a dry environment at room temperature and away from light. The package is 25 kg/bag.

 Product properties:

Performance item

Test method

Typical data

External view


White solid

Volatile matter

ISO787, 105


Application guide:
  A small amount of BZRM-108 can significantly improve the melting finger of the system. For the new material formula system, adding 0.1%BZRM-108 can significantly improve the melting finger of the system. The melting finger performance of high PP recycled material system is slightly worse, and it is recommended to add 0.2-0.3%, which can be seen in the following table.
  BZRM-108 itself has a certain lubricity, when the amount of its addition exceeds 0.2%, it can be considered to appropriately reduce the amount of lubricant in the original formula system (0.05-0.1%).