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About Baozhuan New Material

Leading in plastic additives innovation

    Chongqing Baozhuan New Material Technology Co.,Ltd has a team of senior R & D, marketing and sale in the polymer industry, focusing on the innovative R & D, production and sales of high-end plastic additives.The main products are silicone masterbatch, silicone powder, flame retardant, flame retardantsynergist, light stabilizer, rheological agent, laser engraving additives, compatilizing dispersant, lubricating dispersant, adsorbent and so on. Adhering to the business philosophy of integrity, innovation, pragmatism and efficiency, the company is committed to becoming an expert in the overall solution of high-quality polymer additives.

Technical strength

   The company has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with Sichuan University and other well-known domestic universities . Provide customers with professional answers on the processing and application of various polymer materials. Customized products are also available.





Manufacturing Details

Our products passed the ISO9001 quality management and various patents.


Our products passed the ISO9001 quality management and various patents.

Our Honor

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High-tech enterprises


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