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Anti-scratch silicone masterbatch BZPP303

Product Specification

Silicone masterbatch BZPP303 is an organic group-modified ultra-high molecular weight silicone masterbatch using polypropylene (PP) as carrier. This ultra-high molecular weight polysiloxane can effectively enhance the scratch resistance of polyolefin materials, while also improving melt flow and mold release. It has better compatibility with polyolefin systems than ordinary silicone-based scratch-resistant agents, and has better dispersion in plastics.

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Product Info

General properties

No.Test itemsTypical value [1]
1AppearanceMilky white pellet
2Carrier resinPP
3Effective content50%
4Density0.935g/ cm 3

[1] The data is only used as a reference for customers and does not serve as a guaranteed value.


BZPP303 can be used in polyolefin materials such as automotive interior and exterior trim parts, home appliances, and daily necessities to effectively improve their scratch resistance.

Product advantages

BZPP303 has many advantages for improving the scratch resistance of filled polyolefin materials:

  • Low odor, no precipitation
  • Little impact on stress whitening of parts
  • Excellent scratch resistance and long-lasting effect
  • Heat treatment does not affect scratch resistance

Comparison of the scratch resistance effect of adding 2% scratch-resistant masterbatch to the PP+EPDM+T20 formula

Performance comparison of adding 2% scratch-resistant masterbatch to PP+EPDM+T20 formula

5% scratch-resistant masterbatch is added to the PP+EPDM+T20 formula, and the bright spots are compared using low-temperature and high-speed injection molding processes.


BZPP303 is in granular form, suitable for direct extrusion, injection molding or film blowing after being mixed with plastic granules.

Recommended dosage

Improve product processability and mold release0.5-2.0%
Improve the smoothness, scratch resistance and wear resistance of products1.0-3.0%

Storage stability

BZPP303 can be stored in the original sealed packaging for at least one year without deterioration. Please keep it sealed after opening the package.

Packaging specifications

Packed in bags, lined with film bags, net weight 25kg per bag.

Safety and operations

For BZPP303 safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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