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Pay attention to the storage of silicone masterbatch. Do you understand its storage conditions?

Many plastic product manufacturers have to hoard a lot of silicone masterbatch because they want to produce plastic products in large quantities . Problems may occur if they are not used in time. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the storage of silicone masterbatch. Good storage methods can save money. A lot of money and avoid waste. The following will teach us how to store silicone masterbatch according to its characteristics.
Silicone masterbatch is an industrial product that can be directly mixed with various raw materials, recycled materials, etc., and can be pelletized, injection molded, blister molded, blow molded, and extruded without affecting transparency. The biggest feature of the product is its fine and pure texture, which is easy to process. Outstanding performance, large increase in volume, non-toxic, no moisture absorption, no discoloration, enhances the mechanical properties, wear resistance, thermal properties, and aging resistance of plastic products, overcoming the low strength, low temperature resistance, low rigidity, and ease of use of plastics. Swelling and other defects, special functional groups are introduced to improve the interface bonding between polyolefin plastics and non-polar objects, thereby improving the adhesion and compatibility with other objects. The product itself is water-resistant and chemical-resistant. It has excellent light resistance, does not cause harmful chemical reactions with other plastic additives, and does not contain impurities harmful to resin processing.
After understanding the above special uses and characteristics of silicone masterbatch, we can see how important the storage of products is.
Storage conditions: Store in a neat, ventilated, dry, cool, clean room temperature. Masterbatch packaging is not allowed to be damaged or stored in the open, and prevent exposure to sunlight and rain. Avoid direct sunlight and stay away from areas with sufficient UV rays. After opening and use, the product should not be exposed to an environment higher than 35°C for a long time. Avoid contact with acidic metal oxides, ammonia or flammable substances. This product is hygroscopic. Unused materials should be packed with waterproof membrane silicone masterbatch in bags and stored with the mouth closed. They cannot be left in the air for a long time.


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