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Light Stabilizer UV-PP4160

Product Specification

Light Stabilizer UV-PP4160 is PP carrier masterbatch produced by advanced equipment and special dispersion technology. It can effectively protect the polymer from damage by ultraviolet rays and can meet the polyolefin weathering requirements of major automobile OEMs.

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Product Info

General properties

No.Test itemsTypical value [1]
1AppearanceWhite to yellow pallet
2Melting Temperature135-159°C
3Weathering agent ingredients48-52

[1] The data is only used as a reference for customers and does not serve as a guaranteed value.


UV-PP4160 has good compatibility with polyolefins and greatly improves the outdoor aging resistance of the polymer. It is mainly used in polyolefin and TPO systems.

Product advantages

UV-PP4160 is used to meet the weather resistance standards of polyolefins

There are many advantages:

  • Improved UV stability and aging resistance of polyolefin and TPO systems
  • No precipitation, no mold scale, small odor, low VOC
  • Very good compatibility with polyolefin, no blooming phenomenon
  • Exert corresponding effects when used at low concentrations.
  • Use at high concentrations to avoid precipitation problems.

Xenon lamp aging under SAE J2527standard conditions(Black PP+EPDM+T20 + 0.22% light stabilizer)

QUV UV aging(Black PP+EPDM+T20 + 0.22% light stabilizer)


Blackboard temperature 70℃×4hr→ Humidity 50%, 50℃×4hr, irradiance 2.8mW/cm2, period 1500hr


UV-PP4160 is suitable for mixing evenly with plastic particles and then directly extruding or injection molding.

Recommended dosage

The recommended dosage is 0.1-0.5%. The specific amount added depends on the desired properties of the final product.

Storage stability

UV-PP4160 can be stored in the original sealed packaging for at least one year without deterioration. Please keep it sealed after opening the package.

Packaging specifications

Packed in bags, lined with film bags, net weight 25kg per bag.

Safety and operations

For UV-PP4160 safety information, please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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