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Silicone Additives to Solve PS Sheet Cutting Fuzziness

Many PS manufacturers experience fuzziness on the surface of polystyrene sheets when cutting 50 sheets of 40-silk thickness at once, which does not meet their product standards. This is due to the good rigidity of PS products, so customers requiring toughness often add additives to improve the toughness of the product. When selecting additives, attention should be paid to the molecular weight, compatibility of the carrier with PS, and dispersion effects. Therefore, many PS sheet manufacturers prioritize silicone additives.

In addition to lubrication, a good solution for silicone additives is to improve the interface compatibility between non-polar inorganic minerals and organic materials, achieving a wetting effect. Therefore, silicone additives with a PE carrier can meet the requirements to solve the problem. Mixing small amounts of PS and PE is acceptable, with adding no more than 5% PE carrier into PS material being acceptable. It is recommended that customers add about 1%-3%.

Silicone additives contain inorganic components, specifically silicon (this refers to silicon or silicates, such as silicates in silicone additives, glass fiber, or inorganic fillers). It is encapsulated in a core structure by polymer materials (polysiloxanes), with intermolecular forces stronger than those between polymers and inorganics. The other end is a combination of polymer and alkane, capable of pulling up and down at the interface layer.


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