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Add silicone powder to improve the wear resistance of PP plastic surface

Nowadays, the commonly used methods to improve the wear resistance of plastics include the following:

1. Use appropriate toughening resin
POE is usually used to mix TPO. , EPDM, TPV (EPDM/PP) in order to enhance the toughness of PP, adding elastomer leads to a decrease in scratch resistance. Therefore, choosing the right elastomer is very important. Usually, the scratch resistance between them is as follows: TPV> EPDM> POE

2. Use appropriate fillers
1) Talcum powder is a relatively conventional filler, and a suitable coupling agent should be selected with a suitable mesh number.
2) Currently, the application of wollastonite has extended from engineering plastics to thermoplastic elastomers. The addition of wollastonite can improve the temperature resistance, compression set and scratch properties of thermoplastic elastomers.
3) Nanomaterials such as silica can improve the compression degeneration, wear resistance, and scratch resistance of elastomer materials, but it is crucial to choose the appropriate mixing process.
Select appropriate additives

1) Silicon-based additives
The ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer silicone powder or its silicone masterbatch produced by Kaijie Plastics can be used in domestic silicone-based additives produced by Kaijie Plastics. It has also been widely used. Silicone has very good long-term scratch resistance because it has a high molecular weight and does not migrate to the surface.

2) Fluorine additive (PPA)
is colorless, odorless and inert. It can improve the melt fluidity and demoulding performance of the polymer and speed up the extrusion speed. Importantly, it improves scratch and abrasion resistance.

3) Slip agents
ER oleic acid amide and erucic acid amide VRX, when they are added to thermoplastics, will migrate to the surface of the polymer product or frost whiten, producing a waxy layer, reducing the friction coefficient and reducing the risk of scratches. Visibility. The disadvantage is that it is not truly “drying” and cannot completely improve surface viscosity.


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