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Nylon modified plastics use silicone masterbatch to solve demoulding difficulties

After processing and melting, nylon has a high viscosity, and the molten polymer must pass through channels such as gates and slits. Due to relative motion, friction polymerization occurs with the surface of the processing machinery (screw and barrel, or other mixing machinery). There is also friction between the polymers of materials.

Severe friction is very detrimental to plastic processing. These frictions will hinder the flow of polymer melt and make the surface of plastic products rough, lacking luster or flow lines.

Severe friction increases the torque of the extruder, resulting in severe wear of processing equipment parts. The service life of the equipment is shortened, processing consumption is increased, and the product surface is not smooth. In order to solve similar problems, it is necessary to add a high molecular polymer lubricant additive-silicone masterbatch in nylon injection molding area from the feeding section to the compression section.

In this area, the nylon mixes and begins to plasticize. This requires lubricants to improve the fluidity of plastics and ensure smooth feeding.

Therefore, in this area, the internal lubricant plays a major role. In the middle part, during this process, lubricants are required to reduce friction during the plastic flow and ensure melt flow. Therefore, in this area, the external lubricant mainly plays a role. The lubricant can reduce the melt viscosity, which is also indispensable.

The latter section is the area from the measuring section to the metal mold. Here the melt is pressurized and fed into a mold for shaping. In this area, lubricants are required to reduce the adhesion between the melt and the metal mold surface and facilitate demoulding, so external lubricants still play a major role. .Since

the machining process is inseparable, lubricants or composite lubricants with both internal and external lubrication functions are generally used. Silicone masterbatch is an efficient lubricant with internal and external lubrication functions.

According to the process requirements, we will recommend customers to choose silicone masterbatch with carrier or carrier-free silicone masterbatch.

You can choose silicone masterbatch with carrier for direct injection molding of nylon modified particles. The silicone content is about 50% and is easy to disperse. Unlike carrier-free silicone masterbatches, they rely on the shear force of the screw to disperse and are easy to operate.

If it is nylon modified granulation, you can choose a silicone masterbatch with a siloxane content of about 73%, which can be mixed with almost all types of thermoplastics and is widely used in the processing of various thermoplastics.


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