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Methods to Improve Abrasion Resistance of PP Plastic Modified Granules Applied in Automotive Interior Parts with Silicone Masterbatch

**Methods to improve the abrasion resistance of PP plastic modified granules for automotive interior parts:**

1. **Increasing Hardness**

2. **Increasing Toughness**

3. **Enhancing Surface Smoothness**

PP automotive interior parts are usually modified for reinforcement and flame retardancy. In special environments, there are certain abrasion resistance requirements for PP modified granules. How to improve the hardness, toughness, and abrasion resistance of PP plastic modified granules?

Typically, talcum powder filler is chosen to increase hardness. SEBS, POE, or TPO materials can be added to enhance toughness. To improve the surface smoothness of PP modified granules, erucamide and oleamide are commonly thought of, but their addition in automotive interior parts significantly affects flame retardancy and causes unacceptable migration performance. Therefore, to achieve surface smoothness without affecting flame retardancy, silicone masterbatch must be tried.

Silicone masterbatch is a polymer-organosilicon plastic additive that disperses well in PP, does not migrate, greatly improves plastic processing performance, and enhances surface smoothness. Since the siloxane in the silicone masterbatch has a flame retardant synergistic effect, the amount of inorganic flame retardants (such as magnesium hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide) can often be reduced, minimally impacting the product’s physical properties, making it very suitable for PP modified granule products for automotive interior parts.


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